Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yes, I know I have been missing a while. There is really no reason for it though, just havent gotten around to blogging (although I have been reading your blogs regularly).

I'm traveling more with work now, to Illinois, Alabama and Tennessee. I'll be out of town the next 2 weeks to do walkthroughs. I went up to IL a couple weeks ago for an inventory. That was pretty cool since the client is a manufacturer of metal items - I got to see the foundry where they melt brass. Here's a pic from IL:

Yes, a whole lot of nothing.

Then I broke my deadbolt on my front door. I put the key in and it got stuck, so when I pulled it out it pulled out the core of the lock. And of course the back door deadbolt was broken (couldn't get in from the outside). I was locked out for about an hour before I was able to get the core back in
just so to get it to unlock. It was a Sunday night so I had to wait until after work on Monday to go to Lowe's and buy new deadbolts. And I replaced it myself :)

I had to frog JP's sock because it was just too small. She could get it on, but it would be better a little bigger. I have pics of that too:

Fun times. I also have pictures of my two Eye of Partridge heels. One was slipped knit-wise, the other purl-wise. But that will be next time!