Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow Days

Finally we have snow in Atlanta! It snowed on Wed. but I was in Macon (where it just rained) so it didn't count then.

And it's still snowing. So I'm working on the Secret of the Stole II, clue 1. It's my first lace project, so of course I'm using fingering weight yarn. I'm about 13 rows in, out of 104.... But I LOVE the yarn. It's Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham, an 80% baby alpaca 20% silk. The color is a light plum.

Also got my yarn winder and swift in the mail this week. I might wind something just because I can....

Besides knitting, I am going to actually wipe down the kitchen so I can put dishes away. Me and Michael hang out on Sat nights, but with the snow and the temp still dropping, I hope he can make it over here.

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smittenknitten said...

Wow you are a lot further than I am on your SoSTii, great color choice.