Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unusual Questions

Do you use e-mail often?:
Yes, but text messages more.

Do you hear any animals right now?:
No, Diego is pretty quiet most of the time.

Are you in a well-lit room?:
It's ( in the morning, I don't have any lights on though so - sort of.

Is your trashcan full?:
No, trash was on Tuesday and I live by myself.

What was the last crunchy thing you consumed?:
Smacks cereal for breakfast.

Did you view anything disturbing today?:
I got up an hour ago, nothing yet.

Are there any holiday decorations in your house?:
They are packed up in my garage for next year.

When was the last time you had a terrible headache?:
It's been month or so.

Have you recently put lotion on your hands?
No but I put it on my arms everyday.

Are you hungry?:
Just ate breakfast.

Is it rainy where you're at right now?:
It's 17 degrees. So no.

Do you carry a purse? If so, describe what it looks like.:
It's a Nine West, copper color.

Is your cell phone on vibrate?:
Not right now, but most of the time it is.

Is your dishwasher full?:
Yes, but there is always room for more.

When is the last time you saw someone you like/love.:
My dad came on Wednesday and stayed the night :)

Do you like to wear gloves?:
I like mittens better, they keep the hands much warmer.

Is there a body of water near where you live?:
Chattahoochee River and Lake Lanier.

What are your thoughts on Avenged Sevenfold?:

Are you wearing anything pink right now?:
My shirt is fuscha.

Do you like to swim in the ocean?:
Yep I do. It's very cleansing

What is the creepiest bug you've ever saw?:
Roaches give me the heebie jeebies just thinking about them.

Do you currently have split ends?:

When is the last time you used the bathroom?:
None of your busniess.

Do you chew on you lip?:
No, unless they are chapped.

Are you afraid of needles?:

What is the last thing you lost?:
Not sure.

When is the last time you saw a bald person?:
On TV.

What car were you last in?:
My car last night.

Do you like Batman?:
I like the new Batman, the others are cheesy.

Have you ever played tennis?:
Yes when I was younger. Now I play on the wii.

Can you see a star shape in the room you are in?:
No, I'm not really a star kind of girl.

What are you sitting on?:
My kitchen chair.

What is the last warm thing you touched?:
My bed.

Do you use hand sanitizer?:
No. It dries out my skin.

Where do you want to go in life?:
Not sure.

Are you sweating?:
At 17 degrees I am definately not sweating.

When is the last time you had to scratch an itch?:
As soon as I read this.

Are you in any kind of club or group that is trying to save animals?:
Not officially but I am thinking of getting involved in BSL. It really makes me mad.

Who is the last blonde you saw?:
Yesterday, my coworker is blonde.

Where were you two hours after you got up, and what were you doing there?:
I have not been up two hours yet but I suppose I'll be reading or knitting.

Do you wish for world peace?:
I wish for people to be more understanding of their differences but there are too many peole on the planet for world peace.

Have you ever played fetch with a dog?:
Who hasn't?

What is the nearest object that is wood?:
The kitchen table I am sitting at.

Do you use Netflix?:

Does your house have a fireplace?:
Yes it does and I think I might turn it on.

Do you wake yourself up in the morning, or does someone else?:
My alarm clock does.

What kind of hoodie did you last wear?:
I'm wearing one right now.

Do you play games on your computer?:
Not really. Sometimes I'll play the daily sudoku puzzle online.

What is the last video game that you played?:
Mario Kart Wii!!!

Have you ever pet a stingray?:

If you were on vacation, would you ever go to Ireland?:

Did you have anything bad happen to you today?:
I just got up, so no. But I'm sure it will :)

Have you ever been to New York?:

Should you be sleeping right now instead of taking this survey?:
Nope, just got up.

Can you truly say you hate anyone?:
I strongly dislike some people, but not hate.

Have you ever disected a baby pig in a class at school?:
Don't think so. Just the extremely large frog and squid, among other things.

What brand of dishliquid do you use?:

When is the last time you ate a Hershey Kiss?:
A few months ago.

Do you ever feel unappreciated?:

Do you currently have any blemishes on your face?:
Umm, why?

Who is the last baby you held?:
My cousin's little girl.

Are you a lover?:
Yes I am.

Do you use smileys often in text convos?:

Do you have the Google toolbar on your computer?:

Do you like Sunkist?:

Would you ever consider being a cannibal?:
If it was the only option, maybe. But what's the chance of me being in a plane crash in the Himalayas?

Did you forget something important in the past week?:
I wouldn't know it if I forgot it.

Do you like learning new things?:

What color is your toothpaste?:

Are the floors in your house creaky?:
In some places.

Do you fear death?:
I might if I knew it was coming.

Is your mouth dry?:

Do you have any scars from an animal?:
Yes. Dog bite on my wrist.

Did you have fun with this survey?:
They weren't the same old questions, but it was a little random.

Was it random enough?:
Not as random as it could have been.

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