Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where I Earn My Keep

So this is the time of year where I earn my keep as an Auditor. We worked until 10 each night this week, Friday until 5, Sat 8:30-5.... And I brought work home. I am exhausted. There was a birthday in there somewhere.

No progess on the SotSii. 5 rounds on the sock. Oh well. I did get money from my parents to pay for my new tires on my car. I love them. I can actually drive the speed limit in the rain again. I also got money from Michael to pay for half the GPS I wanted. It's the Tom Tom 720. Supposedly you can program to recognize your voice so you can say the address of your destination.

The January Pick Up Sticks sock kit is one of my favorites. It's all shades of purple!

I was thisclose to not signing up again too. Feb is still up in the air.

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