Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekend WIPs

I've decided to start with a theme on set days to help me post more. So weekends will now feature WIPs (work in progress)

I am almost done with my First Socks. I have about 15 more rounds, then I start the toe decrease. The heel on the second sock went a lot better then the first. No frogging, no big holes. But somehow on the first sock I added 5 rows on the heel. Heh, I guess that's what first socks are for.

Also I got this in the mail last week:

"It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" sock kit from Woolgirl (see side button). Her kits are so cute! She is by far my favorite person to buy yarn from. I had JP pick pick out some yarn so I can make her a pair of socks.... and this is what I got:



smittenknitten said...

Those are some great looking first socks! I had to do my first heel over several times because of holes, but it gets easier :).

Akinogal said...
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